DevKami 113

Show notes

Advent of Code
We talk about this before. link
The reddit post of advent of code
As title link
THis is a development board RISV-V with hardware for neural network link
TFLite for flutter
As title link
KL Startup Submit interest form
This is the form that state your interest to join the event link


KL Startup Summit
This is one of the big startup event. Previously it is in cyberjaya, now it is in KL. It will be attended by grassroot founders, tech people etc. link
Google Down
An authentication service outage take down some google services link
Malware attack on major browser
As title link
Privacy First Analytics from Cloudflare
A new analytics service from cloudflare link
Google release a security tools for python
The tool is called Atheris, it is a fuzzing tool link
AMD come out with M1 competitor
Not much detail, but more competitor is a good thing. link
Docker for Apple M1
Now this is working, try if you want to link
Blob Opera
This is an experiment from google with machine learning! link