DevKami 116 - Web Hardware

Show notes

Should browser have access to hardware
The question of todays show. Should browser have access to hardware with an example of WebUSB. What web is capable now link
This is one of the new thing to work with the linux kernel. link
The Actual WebUSB spec
This is the spec page for WebUSB link
Run Linux and DOS on browser
This is a VM implemented to browser that can run linux link
Another thing we talk about link


Nissan source code leaked
Nissan code leaked due to misconfigured git repo link
Whatsapp account deletion
WhatsApp Will Delete Your Account If You Don't Agree Sharing Data With Facebook link
Jupyter 3.0 is out
New features including a debugger link
Hubble Network, Service & Security Observability for Kubernetes
This is a eBPF based tools for monitoring your kubernetes instances link
Another eBPF based tools by the creator of above link
Yet another software license link
Slack outage 2021
As titled link
LibreSSL status on linux
This talks about status of LibreSSL deployment link
AMD Hybrid CPU-FPGA patent
As titled link
How to compress pubsub
The author describe their process. The devkami team suggest using other protocol for this purposes. link