DevKami 128 - Dev Setup on Windows

Show notes

This is the package manager on windows. link
This is the alternative to chocolatey link
Windows Terminal
Nowadays we don't use cmd.exe on windows, we use windows terminal link
vscode remote
This is what dev uses to do remote work on vs code link
This is a set of tools for windows power user for troubleshooting link
windows power toys
some utilities for windows 10 link
Just some background link
Power automate
This is a UI automation tools on windows link
Lobe AI
one of those low code AI training tool link


Plan 9 the OS is released
This is a very interesting OS in its time, with feature that not even in our system now link
WIndows azure outage caused by overloaded dns
As title link
IETF formally deprecate tls 1.0 and 1.1
As title link
Supreme court side with google on Oracle vs Google
This is about the right to copyright an API by Oracle link