DevKami 140 - Merdeka 1

Show notes

The Company Man
This is a Malaysian made game about the corporate environment as a platformer. Fun because it make fun of the environment and don't take itself too seriously link
Rhythm Doctor
This is a rhythm game made by Malaysian too, which controlled with space button. You have to hit the 7th note. Which is fun. link
This is a platformer that is based on japanese like world. Go to the site, there's a demo to download. link
This is a multiplayer game that unleash your kaiju fantasy. link
This is the source of the game, they also have games that we didn't mention link


AWS to Retire EC2-Classic
We will need to migrate to VPC, which currently already is so. link
Ruby have a new debugger
Here's the sneak peek link
Docker development environment
this will help version your dev environment. link
This is a windows driver for wireguard. It help run fast VPN. link
AMD and Steam help improve linux for gaming
AMD and Valve is working on net Linux CPU Scaling design link
Stack Overflow dev survey
This is 2021 version of the survey link