DevKami 106 - Exploring FPGA

Show notes


NGINX introduce service mesh
NGINX now introduce a way to use NGINX Plus as a service mesh for microservice link
This is a way to use crowdsourcing to create better IP List similar to fail2ban link
Rust GPU
This is so that you can use rust for GPU. link
nRF52840 programmable smart watch
This is a smartwatch platform where you can hack with JS link
Cloudflare support for gRPC
this is the technical detail on how link
Azure DevOps roadmap Q4 2020
This is a update to the roadmap link
Responce to DMCA Takedown on youtube-dl
This is a responce of the take down link
AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry in public preview
This is the AWS distribution to OpenTelemetry link
GPT-3 in medical chatbot fail
The bot tell a patient to kill themselves link
Security Commission IEO Guideline is out
This is to regulate Initial Exchange Offering link
A visual way to build neural network link