DevKami 107 - Side Projects

Show notes


Visual studio stories plugin
This is a plugin to implement social media story features in VS Code link
Setup gitlab to cache docker image
gitlab shows how to cache docker image to reduce pulling from docker hub link
KDE Migration site to hugo
KDE the desktop manager now uses hugo for their project site link
AWS Application Load balancer support gRPC
as title link
SiFive prepares for Linux PC with RISC-V
This is to actually avoid potential royalty issue to ARM, as RISC-V is more open link
Mozilla VPN is now out for windows
This is part of firefox update link
Microsoft Clarity is out
This is an alternative to google analytics link
Raspberry Pi 400 is out
This is a whole computer inside a keyboard, similar to the look of Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. link
AWS Prepares for own docker repository
AWS is making another docker repository link
Fedora is deprecating SCP and retiring NTP
The replacement is NTPSEC for NTP and a patch of scp tools to use SFTP link
Malicious NPM Package
This is a few package posing as twilio libary link