DevKami 109 - Tech Radar

Show notes

Thoughtworks technology radar
this is the place for trend in technology. link
99 percent invisible book
this is a book about design in cities link
This is a kdrama on startup scene in korea. the tech is pretty correct link
Cult of the Dead Cow book
this book describe hacker group of the 80's and 90's link
This is the tool to share result and make apps link
This is a set of visualization widget that you can build on python and use in your apps link


Node.js security release
this is to fix a DoS attack through dns link
Youtube-dl is back
as title link
Mudge is now twitter security chief
He is also one of the lead of Cult of The Dead Cows link
Servo is now hosted on linux foundation
More process change is in the blog link
tailwind css v2 is out
as title link