DevKami 110 - Try to Mukbang

Show notes

Darknet a software to run deeplearning
Darknet is a software to run object recognition code with deep learning. You don't to code for recognition, and can train with new data. link
This is a game where you plan process to build things. It is favorite game of link
Advent of Code 2020
This is a coding challenge that happen every year. Mostly a bragging right thing. It is fun. favorite competition. link


Typescript 4.1 is out
Various speed and improvement are introduced link
Ethr 0.9 is released
This is a network performance tols written in go by microsoft link
AWS Outage takes down internet
AWS is down took down many internet services link
TSMC and google push for 3D stacking
This is a new way to push more performance on chip link
Raspberry Pi now conform with Vulkan 1.0
One more step to be productive on the pi link