DevKami 119 - dev and their tools

Show notes


Tucows Retired
Only the OGs know link
Food for Free Code
The creator of curl talk how open source and business can work. link
Intel rehire retired architects
Old chip designer don't die. They are rehired by intel. link
Azure Active Directory now in .net core 3.1
As title link
Bluzelle’s Incoming Mainnet Launch Will Be a Game-Changer for Data Storage
as titled link
Soar Simulation for Observability, reliAbility, and secuRity
Cloudflare teaching us about soar link
Browser makers launch new project for writing documentation for Web APIs
As some member of devkami think, replacement for MDN link
Dota 2 - Overwatch Arrives in Dota
More tool to regulate behavior in Dota link
Circuit python
This is a more easy to use micropython for microcontroller. Useful for learning but not production link