DevKami 120 - Interview with gooi

Show notes


Advanced Wearable Competition
More competition for you to get hardware to hack link
Firefox have no plan to support PWA
As titled link
Robinhood review bombed
Drama at reddit and wallstreet link
Google launch VM manager again
New tool to manage infrastructure link
Chrome 89 beta is out
Featuring Advance hardware and stuff link
Bing want in if google gone out
Google is threaten to leave australia, microsoft is taking opportunity link
Slack release incident report for the last outage
As titled link
What the F
More of F# the language and community link
WHitehouse webpage easter egg
THis is for recruitment for the USDS link
Google stadia studio is no more
As titled link
Happy birthday VLC
VLC is now 20 year old link
VS Code go now have Gopls on by default
As titled link
Pip drop support for python 2
AS titled link
GHL Data breach
They are investigating link