DevKami 124 - Embedded Programming 3

Show notes
good resource on hardware hacking and tech link
Our favorite shop link
A maker community
You should join this for inspiration link
difference between uart, i2c, spi
With a focus on arduino, with links to other place link
bit banging
this is the wiki article link


deno 1.8 is out
This is another js implementation from the creator of node.js link
Pytorch 1.8 is out
This is an alternative to tensorflow, popular among researcher. 1.8 feacure rocm support link
this is a fast storage for kubernetes link
A way to query cloud service api with sql link
git clone vulnerability
This one affect symlink on a case insensitive fs link
citus 10 open source rebalancer and more
This is a version of postgres with some neat feature link
Netflix cosmo platform
Orchestrated function as a microservice link
Supply chain attack hit pypi
We covered a little of this before, this have more detail link