DevKami 123 - Embedded Programming 2

Show notes

Sparkfun Learning
This is a resource on sparkfun teaching electronics and their product link
Resource from Adafruit
resource from adafruit link
Learning electronics
This is a book, which covers the basics. I have the first edition. it covers the right information even if US centric. link
The hardware hackers Adventures in Making and Breaking Hardware
This is a book by bunnie huang. This is a recommended book because he is in hardware business, and talk about the reality of designing hardware, manufacturing etc. link
Pinecil soldering
Just an example of a soldering iron, this one with RISV-V link
kicad, the open source EDA
This is the EDA that stanley use link
Practical Electronics for Inventors
This is a book recommended by shawn on electronics link


An alternative to auth0
Super tokens is an alternative to auth0 link
This is a tool to do linux Privilege escalation link
VMWare security vulnerability
This vulnerability have a severity rating of 9.8 link
Go is now commonly used in malware
There's been a 2,000% increase of new malware written in Go over the past few years. link
Python developer survey
This is the annual survey link
Power Automate Desktop is free
This is a tool to automate windows desktop. link
Flutter is out
big release for flutter link