DevKami 162: Happy 2022

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[PATCH 0000/2297] [ANNOUNCE, RFC] "Fast Kernel Headers" Tree -v1: Eliminate the Linux kernel's "Dependency Hell"
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[2] The following is excerpted from the applicant's response to question #18: "The proposed gTLD will provide the marketplace with direct association to the term, ʺmeme.ʺ The term ʺmemeʺ connotes the echoing of a cultural idea, and was coined by Richard Dawkins in his book, ʺThe Selfish Gene.ʺ In the context of the .meme gTLD, the mission of the gTLD to provide a dedicated domain space in which registrants can enact second-level domains related to viral phenomenon, ideas, images, and videos. link
ghOSt: Fast & Flexible User-Space Delegation of Linux Scheduling
The workload contains three query types (CPU and memory bound, IO and memory bound, and CPU-bound) - ghOSt is able to reduce tail-latency for the first two types of requests, but doesn’t have a huge impact for the thirdThe paper does note that it is possible to impact compute bound tasks by extending the ghOSt policy with similar logic to what Linux’s CFS contains around nice values. . What stood out to me the most about this section is actually ghOSt’s impact on developer productivity: When developing a kernel scheduler, the write-test-write cycle includes (a) compiling a kernel (up to 15 minutes), (b) deploying the kernel (10-20 minutes), and (c) running the test (1 hour due to database initialization following a reboot). link
Updated NVMe Benchmark: 2.6Tbps+ for READS
Property Value Server OS RELEASE.2021-12-29T06-52-55Z MinIO Version RELEASE.2021-12-29T06-49-06Z Benchmark Tool mc admin speedtest Speedtest is built into the MinIO Server and is accessed through the Console UI or mc admin speedtest command. link
Nvidia announces RTX 3090 Ti with faster memory and performance
Nvidia isn’t sharing these details today, so we’ll have to wait on detailed reviews to see how well this card performs against the RTX 3090 and AMD’s Radeon RX 6900 XT. link
Pete Warden's blog
I’ve now scratched my own itch, but I’m hoping that this code will help introduce more people to the amazing advances in open source voice technology that have been happening over the last few years, and also help increase the number of people donating their voices to Common Voice, since none of this could have happened without Mozilla’s groundbreaking efforts. link
Massive ~2.3k Patch Series Would Improve Linux Build Times 50~80% & Fix "Dependency Hell" - Phoronix
LLVM Enjoyed Record Growth In 2021, Many Exciting Compiler Advancements - Phoronix
How We Saved 70K Cores Across 30 Mission-Critical Services (Large-Scale, Semi-Automated Go GC Tuning @Uber)
How We Saved 70K Cores Across 30 Mission-Critical Services (Large-Scale, Semi-Automated Go GC Tuning @Uber) link
Once Opted Into Norton Crypto, You Can't Easily Uninstall | Digital Trends
Norton, a large and sometimes controversial cybersecurity company, has recently released Norton Crypto as part of Norton 360, which allows users to mine the Ethereum cryptocurrency while their computer remains idle. link