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Konami Launches "Memorial" Castlevania NFTs - GamerBraves
As the company’s first project in this area and with NFTs and blockchain technology in its infancy, Konami will continue to explore new developments and listen to player feedback following this initial collection.” As you can imagine there has been quite the backlash among the Castlevania fanbase and gamers in general, criticizing Konami for celebrating a franchise as important as Castlevania with what is likely a quick cash grab. link
Build smaller, faster, and more secure desktop applications with a web frontend | Tauri Studio
Build smaller, faster, and more secure desktop applications with a web frontend compatibility with any front-end framework means you don't have to change your stack relicensing is possible with Tauri size of a Tauri App can be less than 600KB is the Tauri-Team's biggest priority and drives our innovation are here to help you choose important features with simple configuration compilation allows to bundle binaries for major desktop platforms (mobile & WASM coming soon) Notice: This roadmap is subject to change. link
GPS week number rollover - Wikipedia
Other products that were affected by the rollover include cellphones that were sold in 2013 or earlier,[8] Australian Bureau of Meteorology's weather balloons,[9] NOAA's weather buoys[10] many scientific instruments,[11] and consumer GPS navigation devices. link
What happens to gaming in 2022? Analysts offer their predictions |
No, wait... Skyrim | Games of the Year Jeffrey RousseauStaff Writer Aerial Knight's Never Yield | Games of the Year 2021 Upcoming Events EGX Birmingham 2021 3rd Mar 2022 - 5th Mar 2022 NEC, Birmingham, United Kingdom EGX London 22nd Sep 2022 - 25th Sep 2022 ExCeL, London, United Kingdom Latest Comments Bonnie Patterson posted a comment in Sir Ian Livingstone: The first Knight of the nerds Noah Feback posted a comment in GameStop reportedly launching NFT and cryptocurrency marketplace this year Jerry Bonner posted a comment in Skyrim. link
Developer Bricks Open-Source Apps Colors and Faker, Causes Chaos
A number of people commented on Squires’ apparent connection to this incident on Monday: “Personally I started removing all of Marak’s stuff from my projects whenever possible after this incident,” tweeted Nathan Peck, a developer at AWS Cloud, in reference to the “bomb” episode. link
Canon Forced to Tell Printer Users How to Break DRM
Giving customers the keys to using third-party ink might suggest a broader policy change, but Canon will return to using scare tactics to push away third-party ink cartridges once chip supply normalizes, meaning customers looking to save a penny will continue to see these error messages and should hope Canon doesn’t brick non-Canon cartridge options altogether as HP famously did in 2016. link
Radeon RX 6500 XT is bad at cryptocurrency mining on purpose, AMD says | Ars Technica
That’s a really nice frame buffer size for the majority of AAA games, but it’s not particularly attractive if you’re doing blockchain-type activities or mining activities.” Indeed, if you look at the spec sheet of the 6500 XT, you’ll notice a few things that stick out compared to the last-gen RX 5500 XT. link
EU Digital COVID Certificate Decoder
Based on the public EU technical specifications, here is a simple decoder of the QR-code, it displays all the information in the Health Certificate QR-code with many technical explanations on the steps. link