Recently I discovered a thing called First Order Motion Model. This is a technique to create deepfakes using a driver video and one image. It have a few interesting use, other than deepfake. One particular one is testing clothes.

But today I am doing something more mischievous. I am doing this to pretend to be someone on webcam in a chat. The way I do this is Avatarify. This is an application running on a computer that create a virtual webcam for you to pretend as someone else. In this case I pretend to be Einstein and Mona Lisa.

The setup step on the page just works for me on linux running on a GTX1060. It requires you to install Anaconda to work. One very interesting scenario is the use of Google Colab to drive the image. I didn’t try it, it worth to do so if you don’t have a powerful graphics cards.

Arguably using a real human face is a little evil. But you can use use paintings for example. I can foresee many fun we can use for this. One day even animate cartoon or anime characters. Just don’t evil.