Recently I discovered a thing called First Order Motion Model. This is a technique to create deepfakes using a driver video and one image. It have a few interesting use, other than deepfake. One particular one is testing clothes. But today I am doing something more mischievous. I am doing this to pretend to be someone on webcam in a chat. The way I do this is Avatarify. This is an application running on a computer that create a virtual webcam for you to pretend as someone else. [Read More]

Enchanted Objects - Review

I got this book not too long ago. The book is about design of common things enhanced by embedded devices, or common called in our circle IoT device. This is a more high level book than a technical one, but it have very good insights on how to make an IoT devices. The book only covers briefly on tablets and devices with screens. The focus is on common device enhanced by embedded computers, or as author says Enchanted Objects. [Read More]