DevKami Fund Raisers

This is our first fundraising run on the blog. But before I continue, let’s start with how DevKami works. DevKami is a place where we show what Malaysian developers are doing, what we are facing etc. We actually borrow infrastructure(which is mostly streamyard) from is an initiative where meetup organizers can share infrastructure to record and host their meetups online. The result is a youtube channel and also a slack channel that you can find on the site.

The infrastructure we are sharing is Streamyard on the USD20 a month plan. The feature we used on the paid plan is, streaming to multiple endpoints, as some user groups have facebook presence. Also removing the limit of streaming time. We might also use the recording feature.

By supporting devkami, you are also supporting an infrastructure that the Tech community in Malaysia use to share knowledge to others.

To help with the fund raising, here is the detail to cheeleong our main person working on the audio and maintaining our accounts.

M2U 112978033814 Full Name: Chow Chee Leong

There’s also my patreon which I collect the money to pay the infra too. But that might be a bit more expensive.