VIM Escape Key

So one of the first thing I do after getting the M5stack atom. Is to build a bluetooth keyboard. I have a few idea, here I describe what I ends up getting.

I choose to use Arduino over micropython, because ESP32 port of micropython don’t have bluetooth implemented. I can potentially the Atom as a HID device, but I was hoping to use this with a small power bank. The point is not really to use this to escape vim, but to do more things say a presentation controller etc.

With platform choosen, set up arduino based on instruction on M5Stack docs. It should be straight forward.

Next one is the extra library to get. In this case it is simply a bluetooth keyboard library. A google search lead me to ESP32 BLE Keyboard library. This is a featureful library that can handle many thing. You can see the supported Keystroke here. I can’t get it to send multiple character reliabily. I find out the reason later. Instruction to install also on the page.

Last thing, the M5stack LED function is set with a C Array with height, width, and hex value for pixels. The library support scrolling too. It is easier to create the array using the provided windows app. Which I am coding this on Ubuntu, so I opt to work on the FastLED library directly.

The end result is the github gist. The delay is to attempt to stop them to drop key to be sent.