Computer Vision The Boring Part - Labeling with LabelImg

So let say you want to training a neural networks to identify something in image. The first step is not actually code it. The first step is data gathering. The next step is labeling. You may also want to identify multiple objects in your image, if so you also need to label the items in the image. What we do in the case for object detection is, we essentially draw a square or a region and set a name. [Read More]

Computer Vision The Boring Part - Open Image Dataset

We have shown how one can create your own Another way to get dataset is the Google Open Image Dataset. This is a dataset that have 1.5 million annotations for 600 categories. It covers some common thing that trained in YOLO. You can have a shot at trying to see if the category exist. To use this, I suggest that you use a tools, the one I use is the OID Toolkit, I use the fork by The AI Guy a youtuber talking about these. [Read More]