DevKami 121

Show notes

DevKami Patreon
Using my patreon to raise fund for devkami. Also as an accountability so that you know who is responsible for devkami infrastructure and stuff link
Link to intro to embedded programming outline
this is the outline for our show link


State of Go Report
This is a report by jetbrain the IDE maker for go link
Haskell Software Foundation
there is now a foundation for haskell link
Android emulator used to introduce malware
This affect bignox link
Shell enter supply deal with amazon
As title link
Google join Rust Foundation
As title link
One second to read github code on vs code
As title link
WInner and losers of telco during MCO
As title link
Slack compromised if you use android client
As title link
Researcher manage a supply chain hack to 35 tech firm
AS title link
Mobile bank MoneyLion to go public via blank-check merger in $2.9 billion deal
As title link
Issue with owning a .so domain name
As title link
Go generics is accepted
As title link
26 years of delphi
As title link
go 1.16 is out
As title link
Python pattern matching is accepted
As title. link
Python Pattern Matching tutorial
A tutorial of above by the creator of python himself link