DevKami 122 - Embedded Programming 1

Show notes

Stanley's profile
This is Stanleys profile from seeedstudio showcasing maker link
Tristan's profile
tristans hackaday page link
Tze jin's page
One of the prominent maker here. link
sweemeng's only project
This is something for hazewatch link


Mydigital blueprint
This is blueprint for the malaysian government plan in the digital world. The big thing is gov service move to cloud, digitization link
Opal 1.1 is out
This is a ruby to js compiler link
The technology for Ingenuinity the Mars Helicopter
Interesting because it uses linux, a snapdragon processor, and tested with some sparkfun sensor link
Python float Code exection
Python 3 float allows code execution. This should be fixed with the latest patch link
Fat fritz a new commercial chess engine causing controversy
According to some source, they are using an open source models with minimum configuration and package it link
Typescript 4.2 is out
New version! link
Firefox 86 introduce Total cookie protection
This confines cookie to site they are from link
Postgres regex search 10k repo only on a macbook
The author did a performance and show the methods of pg_trgm link
Evolving schemaless into an sql database
uber showing how to use their tools link