Alfa AWUS036ACH on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

So recently I bought a new USB WiFi device. It is the the the Alfa AWUS036ACH. There’s a reason why I this, this device is using the rtl8812au which have linux drivers. But as it turns out, the rtl8812au driver on Ubuntu repo at least for 20.04 LTS don’t actually work. Here’s how I get this to work. First use the driver from Aircrack-ng, git clone Then you need to edit the makefile. [Read More]
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Picking Your First Programming Language

Rock star training. Photo by chuttersnap (@chuttersnap) on Unsplash Don’t Stop Believin’ When I was at school, programming and software development was for nerds. The top achievers were all vying for roles in finance or management consultancy, the booming industries of its day. After the 2008 crisis, regulation and capital control caused the industry to become more selective about who they hired, and those jobs became competitive and scarce. [Read More]